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Our team of experienced trainers are available to provide obedience training for your pet.

Whether you simply require your pet to sit, lie down and stay or you would like your pet to perform tricks we are here to assist you. Depending on the type of obedience training you want for your pet, we offer a variety of packages.

Our goal is to provide the best possible training that is convenient for you, therefore you have the option of bringing your pet to us or we can come to you.


At Barkstreet, we care about your pet and provide the best quality boarding services in the country.

We understand the anxiety of leaving your pet in an unknown place and we have made each of our boarding kennels into suites for your pet. You have the option of leaving your pet for a day, weekend or longer. Charges will vary depending on the length of stay.

Your pet will be right at home with us and we will ensure that the best treatment is provided. While your pet is with us, you may want one of the additional services that we offer and this can be easily be provided. Please call us for further information.


Don’t know what kind of puppy you want?

Are you a new pet owner who is not sure what to feed or how to care for your pet? Having a problem dog that you do not know how to handle? Whatever your questions or concerns, we can provide the required consultation for you. Our team of experts has the experience to guide you through everyday care for your dog as well as help you find the right puppy.

We have several calls from potential dog owners who do not know which puppy is the best for their family, and do not know where to find a good puppy. Barkstreet can help. There are several places that sell puppies which are not healthy and pet owners spend more money on medical bills than on anything else. We know how to differentiate between the good and bad breeders and help you find a a good quality puppy.

If you are not sure about what you should be feeding your pet or what kind of vitamins need to be given to your pet, do not hesitate to contact us. We will visit you and provide you with a proper nutrition plan for your pet. Our team of consultants are on hand to provide you with the proper advice so that your pet receives the best of everything.

Show Training

Whether you are new to the show ring or simply need help with your current dog, Barkstreet has the best dog handlers in Sri Lanka and we can train your dog into a show ring champion!

Not only will we teach your dog, but well also teach you how to show your own dog. Show training is a specialized area which requires a specific type of training which we are experienced in.

We also have packages where we not only train your dog for the show ring but we will also ensure that your dog is in the proper show condition. You can call us and receive further information about this package.

Show Conditioning

Sometimes you may have a good quality show dog that is well trained but is not in the proper condition to be shown. We have the solution for you.

Our trainers will work with your pet for a certain period of time to ensure optimum show condition is achieved. Conditioning for a dog show takes a specific type of exercise routine in which our trainers have the knowledge.

If you would like to add some show training along with the conditioning please call us and we will provide you with further information regarding the specialized package.


All dogs require grooming regardless of the coat type and we can provide this service for you. Depending on the type of coat your pet has, we will use the necessary equipment to groom your pet.

Grooming is not only about brushing your dog, and we know how to cater to your pet. As always we are concerned about the convenience to our clients and so our groomers can make house calls or you can simply bring your pet to our complex to be groomed.

Feel free to call us and receive information about our packages that have grooming included.